Welcome to Haintz Actuarial for SMSF

A leading consulting company in the area of preparing actuarial certificates, Haintz Actuarial Pty Ltd (HA) is an actuarial consulting firm providing advice to a range of clients, including self-managed super funds (SMSFs), solicitors, and financial institutions.
Our principal activity is the preparation of actuarial certificates for SMSFs that provide account based pensions and/or complying pensions (i.e. defined benefit pensions).   Users of BGL Simple Fund 360, Class Super and superMate can generate an account based pension certificate using the fund details that they have uploaded to the system without the need for double entry, or to provide us with any further information.  
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  • SuperMate
  Our other areas of expertise include: Further details about the company’s actuarial services and how it operates can be found at HA Profile which details Alan Haintz’s professional profile, his actuarial and related qualifications, and his career history.
  • I have been using Haintz Actuarial for several years and have been extremely happy with the service they provide.

    The turnaround time is very fast and the fees are one of the lowest on the market. I recommend them to anyone who wants a fast, professional, low fee service.

    Jacqui Chellew

  • What distinguishes Alan from other actuarial services we have tried is his continuously fast turnaround, the ease of being able to provide him information via his on-line service, his flexibility and his accuracy. His reasonable rates are an added bonus.

    Anita Dickinson

  • I have been dealing with Alan Haintz for over 10 years for my actuarial certificate needs. The same day service along with the competitive prices make Haintz Actuarial our leading provider of actuarial services. I would recommend his business to anyone that requires actuarial services.

    Joe Di Stefano

  • Shepard Webster & O'Neill has been using the actuarial services provided by Haintz Actuarial since 2011.

    Alan is always prompt and efficient with his certificates and we have benefited greatly with the addition of the instant return of certificates from the automated online service.  Reducing the lead time of the certificates has provided us greater continuity when processing our work which allows for faster completion of our client's SMSF's. In addition to his promptness of certificates, Alan’s assistance to our super cell, with his personable and professional manner, is always appreciated.

    Greg Taranto